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VOTM leads the Youth in Diaspora

VOTM leads the Youth in Diaspora

Voices On The Mount is a youth led movement  originally started in Ghana but now running also in the UK; empowering fellow youth that now is time to take action for the future because it’s very much dependent on what is done now. They believe that so much of  word empowerment has been done and but now it it time to move forward with action and with their various initiatives which include Philanthropy, climate advocacy,skill and idea development workshops, cultural empowerment, diaspora affairs and facilitate action for change.

Due to their  passion, drive and hard work,within less than a year of starting they have been able to make so much of an impact on society and they believe more is needed. Last year, VOTM organized a project called “Be A Solution To Plastic Pollution” this project was mainly aimed at raising awareness on plastic pollution . They also have an annual project held every December” LET IT SHINE” on supporting institutions like orphanages and schools with various necessities . One of the Programs Directors was quoted as saying, “What we do as part of the project is planning of event for less privileged kids”. Related to diaspora relations, they embark on projects with young individuals in the diaspora who are making a difference for a cause. Some of these young people are Nicholas Buamah, Khloe Thompson of Khloe Kares , Jahkil Jackson of ProjectIAM and a few others. They believe that a tree is very much dependent on its roots and for that reason they ought to promote the value of returning back to our roots.

The Voices On The Mount movement has a goal to raise a generation of young people who believe in change, love, and innovation as well as promoting youth inclusion, youth voice, respect for young people and empowerment to the younger generation.

Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, they have come up with various initiatives that are still pushing involvement of young minds to make impacts in their various communities. A perfect example is their recent Voices connect initiative. An initiative that binds the diaspora communities of young people with the African continent; creating fundamental institutions and ways that incorporate the diaspora in development, empowerment and culture through virtual events.

The passionate young man behind the scene is Master Obed Dadzie. He is a Youth Climate Activist, Philanthropist, and Social Entrepreneur. Obed is the Founder of Voices On The Mount Youth Empowerment Organization as well as an Ambassador for Zero Hour (Getting to the roots of climate change).

I’ve got this drive to make an impact on society now and not later because every action we take now either builds or destroys the future and for that reason if we want a better future. I believe that I do not have to become a doctor to save lives nor a teacher in other to impact knowledge, I believe in the utilization of my abilities, my ideas, my personality to make a difference wherever it is that I find myself.

Master Obed Dadzie
Master Obed Dadzie speaking at the Ghana Institute Of Journalism Tech Month

Obed Dadzie is a product of The Ghana Secondary Technical School. His new initiative, Voices Connect, together with Partners HIRED Consult will be launched on Saturday May 23, 2020 at 1700 GMT. This day will be precursor to connect the African continent with her diasporan community and facilitate various developmental and empowering movements of the youth, for the youth.

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