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New Speaker of Parliament pledges an inclusive participation of Youth

New Speaker of Parliament pledges an inclusive participation of Youth

In a keenly contested democratic election which was held on May 15, 2019 at The Nigeria Army Resource Center, John Aggrey from Ghana won the Seat of Parliament as the new Speaker of the 2nd Assembly of Democracy Africa Youth Parliament.

Democracy Africa Youth Parliament (DAYP) is a 120-member Youth Parliament established in 2016 by Save Democracy Africa now Democracy Africa Youth Parliament in line with the provisions of the Africa Youth Charter (Banjul Declaration) of July 2006.

The purpose of DAYP for young parliamentarians, is to learn to make laws, conduct researches and oversights, perform deliberative functions, social advocacy roles and campaigns. Newly inducted Parliamentarians will identify and facilitate Private Member Pet Projects (PMPP) with such thematic areas as spelt out in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations in their respective countries.

The 2nd Assembly was promulgated by a high profile representative of Dr. Mohamed Ibn Chambas, Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations, for West Africa and Sahel and Head of UNOWAS.

Dr. Ifedi Okwenna, Director-General

Speaking in Abuja at the opening of the inauguration of the second assembly of Democracy Africa Youth Parliament, the Director General of Save Democracy Africa, SDA (Democracy Africa Youth Parliament), Dr. Ifedi Okwenna, explained that the reason for the inauguration was to bring together youths of the continent to build and develop skills for parliamentary leadership and governance

We felt that the destiny of this continent should be in the hands of the youths and since then it has been a long and tortuous journey. The experience we garnered over these years have not only been very phenomenal and intriguing but also very challenging.

Africa as a continent has great potentials and the opportunities are limitless. However, it is a reality that the infrastructural deficiency and rate of poverty in Africa are limiting the contacts and relationship Africa have between themselves and therefore limiting her growth and development.

The Chancellor and Founder of Gregory University, Uturu in Abia State, Prof. Greg Ibe who is also the Chairman, Board of Trustees of the Save Democracy Africa challenged African Youths to fight for power in order to save the continent from bad leadership.

According to him, Africa has suffered enough from recycled leaders who have run the continent aground despite huge potentials. Ibe said,

You should take responsibility of your own development and to that of your countries and continent. Power is never given, it is always fought for.

The newly inducted Young Parliamentarians were sworn in office by the new speaker RT. Hon John Aggrey. In his acceptance speech the Speaker, the made these statements:

Parliament MUST act responsibly, proactively, and with appropriate aptitude on issues relating to Youth, Education, Agriculture, Entrepreneurship, Gender Equality, etc. This development should take place to enhance the capacity of our DAYP institution and good governance as a whole. I shall hold all accountable and entreat that; No charge of corruption or abuse of office SHOULD EVER befall our name and the governing institution we stand for. Lets preserve the DIGNITY of DAYP and be A MODEL OF THE AFRICAN YOUTHS!

The newly sworn-in Democracy Africa Youth Parliamentarians were so full of joy, enthusiasm and the atmosphere of service to Africa resounded all round the Hallowed Chamber of Parliament and they showed their appreciation to the Management of DAYP.

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