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HIRED Consult partners Ghana Wildlife Society and others to mark World Environment Day 2020

HIRED Consult partners Ghana Wildlife Society and others to mark World Environment Day 2020

Accra, June 8 – HIRED Consult joined HOST, The Ghana Wildlife Society, and other partners including Birdlife International (the largest conservation body in the world), the Environment Protection (EPA) Agency, Let’s Do It in a biodiversity backyard challenge and webinar to commemorate this year’s World Environment Day (WED) 2020.

This year’s United Nations World Environment Day was celebrated on the theme: “Biodiversity-Time for Nature” on June 5.

WED is celebrated globally on June 5, every year to raise awareness on positive environmental actions to protect nature and garner more support from governments, businesses, Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), and communities to promote responsible behaviours towards the environment.

Ms Louisa Kabobah, the Project and Conservation Education Officer of the Ghana Wildlife Society, in an interview with the Ghana News Agency said the backyard challenge, launched on the 23rd of March 2020, aimed at showcasing the diversity of plants and animals that people had at their backyards, gardens or compounds.

The contest which obliged participants to take photos and videos of the diverse plants and animals, and share ideas on the need to protect them, while staying at home received 88 entries from 35 participants with Ms Pavelta Quagraine, emerging as the winner, she said.

For her reward, she would receive a certificate, an international recognition on Birdlife International’s website and/or social media accounts, Birds of Ghana field guide, souvenirs from their partners, and a one-month free mentorship by HIRED Consult.

The webinar brought together 60 active participants from government agencies, local and international CSOs, businesses and the youth to discuss pertinent issues to nature such as ‘the drivers of biodiversity losses in Ghana and Africa’ thus habitat loss, human developments, climate change, and poaching.

They also discussed how to address them especially after COVID-19, and how to get feedback on the need for partnerships between governments, corporate bodies, CSOs, and individuals to advocate better for nature and planet Earth.

Ms Kabobah explaining the importance of biodiversity said nature played crucial roles in the provision of food, water, good climate, shelter, clothing, clean air, recreation, medicines, raw materials, spiritual enlightenment, and livelihood support which were necessary for human well-being and the socio-economic development of every nation.

Despite the numerous benefits that natural resources provide to ensure human survival, she said the actions and inactions of people such as pollution of water bodies, illegal logging, unlawful mining, poaching and being oblivious about the impact of their actions on nature, had contributed to the current ill-state of Ghana’s natural resources and loss of its biodiversity.

“Thus, living in harmony with nature can only be achieved if we adopt positive attitudes towards biodiversity and pursue the full implementation of Sustainable Development Goals. We should bear in mind that unified partnership between all actors and stakeholders of the economy can help to sustain the common planet we all call home,” she added.

Mrs Sheila N.A. Ashong, the Deputy Director, Natural Resources, EPA, appealed to the public to become responsible towards the environment by planting trees at their backyards.

Mr Kwabena Labi Addo, the National Research Coordinator at Ghana Cement Company Limited, speaking at the Webinar, encouraged businesses in Ghana that use raw materials from nature to have ecosystem balances in their operations and adopt proactive sustainability projects to reflect their commitment to environmental sustainability.

We MUST own the solemn duty to be the Environment’s frontline defenders for our Youth. Inaction will be a grave disservice. The Future is YOUTHFUL” and hence this calls for a collective voice of SOLIDARITY from all CSOs through institutional partnership; fulfilling SDG 17 for sustainable protection and preservation of Nature and coach the young minds on the principles of nature conservation of all species

-John Aggrey, Founder & CEO, HIRED Consult

Ms Quagraine, the winner of the backyard contest shared her motivation for nature and why others must do the same, adding that, “Nature, aside from prayer is a powerful antidepressant! Let’s keep it well for our mental health.”

News Source: GNA

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