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First UN-Accredited Climate Change Teacher From Ghana

First UN-Accredited Climate Change Teacher From Ghana


[Accra, Ghana] JOHN AGGREY from Ghana is now the 1st Climate Change Teacher accredited by UN to achieve this fete. A Social Intrapreneur, full of energy with his whole life supporting causes of serving Humanity! He holds a degree in Agriculture from KNUST and an Executive mini MBA in Leadership and Management from Accra Business School.

We are proud to see and know the youth with the likes of John have taken up this challenge to be the Change Makers for Climate Action for Sustainable Development.

Climate Change is now more than before a global headache needing first aid! This is the number one worry threatening our very existence and future for younger generations to come if not tackled in earnest. A RACE WE CAN WIN TOGETHER!

The online course, run by Harwood Education in partnership with the One United Nations Climate Change Learning Partnership (UN CC:Learn), launched in April to “give children the tools to understand the effects of a changing climate so that they can take well-informed and effective action in the future”, says Melanie Harwood, an education expert who helped design the programme. “Young children are far more vulnerable to climate-related disasters and associated health risks than any other social group,” she says.

The program aims to reach 80 UK schools in an initial trial across the country and a full roll out globally for all countries and schools. The course is free for primary and secondary school teachers, and covers climate change science, gender and environment, climate change and children, cities, and human health. Once completed, it’s hoped teachers will bring facts about climate change and the best ways to mitigate its impact into their lessons to help prepare young people to protect the planet.

John says when he saw the opportunity to take part in the program fully sponsored, he did not hesitate to sign up and this has paid off. He also holds over 60 certificates to his portfolio! Indeed a Change Maker with a diversified background in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In his part time after working hours and on weekends, he does organic farming and has won United Nations World Environment Day Hero Badge for his achievements.

According to John Aggrey, “Partnership among stakeholders such as government, private sector, local leaders, community members and civil society is very essential in mitigating and adapting to the adversarial impact of climate change according to the youth leaders. It is long overdue but no late. The race to win is definitely achievable! The Future is NOW and it is YOUTHFUL”

The Educcate Global Team, Melanie Harwood and Denise Meissner quoted as saying, “We value and appreciate your willingness to combine our multi-media version of 5 of the One United Nations Climate Change Learning Partnership courses with your teaching expertise to deliver enhanced knowledge and training towards the benefit of local and global communities. Now is the time for all of us to work together to learn, teach and role model excellence in climate protection best practices.”

The truth is that climate change is happening. The good news is that you can control what your legacy will be. Just as you would advocate for early intervention for your pupil’s learning, you can also advocate for climate change mitigation.

Our mission at Harwood Education, Ltd is to train at least one Lead Teacher for Climate Change Education for every school so that our children can transform knowledge into positive action. This opportunity is absolutely free!

In just 12-20 hours you can enhance your ability to transform your pupils’ lives, your career opportunities, your local and global communities, and our planet’s health and resilience.

By signing up for our free courses, you will be:

  1. Learning at your own pace via tablet, mobile phone, or desktop computer from the comfort of your own home (or anywhere you choose.)
  2. Obtaining the most up to date information and accessing targeted resources for teaching your pupils about issues relating to climate change.
  3. Joining a closed community of teachers to share knowledge, solutions and inspiration.
  4. Accessing opportunities to attend United Nations-sponsored climate change events.

Dedicated teachers like John Aggrey AND you can make a real difference as a result of undertaking this bespoke training by:

  1. Contributing professionally towards the protection of our climate and planet
  2. Raising your school and/or organisation’s profile by being involved with this campaign

Additionally, your commitment to the programme ends with us to provide you with support and on-going education and training via our free membership community.

Simply sign up to the free UN Climate Change Teacher Academy in order to start making a difference today.

CONGRATULATIONS, John Aggrey for being the first UNCC Teacher accredited in Ghana.

Sign Up Here! Be The Change!!

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