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Small Ideas | Global Impact


People & Leadership

Collaboration and Communication are key as we are passionate about people every step of the way. We build  and sustain relationships to serve Humanity!


Diversity & Inclusion

We achieve excellence through diversity and inclusion. Diversity and Inclusion gives birth to a singular voice! We achieve results and excellence through a blend of multilingual and cultural diversity.


Youth Centred

Applying youth centred practice means working with young minds. Promoting and sustaining youth engagements and participations efficacy across cultural, social and other boundaries.


Social Impact

Our mission is to drive transformative social impact by applying innovation, ingenuity in partnership with organizations, addressing social needs for sustainable development and improved livelihoods.


See it more than a business! The CORE of our existence is ADVOCATING for what needs to be achieved.


A few things we’re great at

HIRED Consult believes in diversifying its operations to meet the demands of today’s global hurdle. With this we have 3 main divisional arms of operations.


Creative Writing & Content

There comes a time in life where you want the world to know the full story. Telling it all through the pen to inspire others.


Health & Mental Wellbeing

Ask MePSY is social advocacy to reach a larger audience of existing supporters, marginalized and the victimized to inspire public dialogue around mental illness and wellbeing and influence key decision on MENTAL HEALTH.


Proofreading & Editing

Good writing helps you to communicate clearly. Our proofreading is about checking your writing is technically perfect without changing its content or meaning be it project work, research, assignments or a book. 

We also tailor our service to suit your needs. 


Wellbeing, a 360 Approach

How to manage stress and work balance for a productive and healthier lifestyle. Mental Health is  equally as  important as our physical health.  Avoiding burn out and keeping fit, with a balanced diet are ways to stay sound 

Global Giving Fundraise

Through HIRED Project, We will give a voice and a call to action to the homeless by creating a movement to address the veteran homelessness and other social issues allowing continuous and sustaining of projects

The Rumie Volunteer Project

Rumie provides underserved communities with access to a quality digital education through affordable, offline, innovative technology. Designed to be used in offline, remote communities.


Our Team

To us, challenges present opportunities and our driving force is the passion of seeing ideas, projects and the journey reaching its fullest objectives and goals. 


John Aggrey

Founder & CEO


Masha Boi Bashiru

Co-Founder & MD


Laura Higgins

Executive Board


Client Testimonials

Here’s what our clients have to say:


The HIRED Consult Team beat all competitors! Their dedication and meticulous attention to every project details was simply amazing!

Laurie Launiere Higgins



A youth-led and centred team with the mindset of current and trending solutions! This was what drew us to HIRED Consult and its division, Proof Me. 

Nana Addo Tenkorang Ebenezer

ZIM News


I needed a creative, and customer-oriented digital marketing solutions. HIRED Consult gave me that with no sweat. I was simply awed at their service!

Sally Louisa France

Sally France

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